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Elephants Don't Forget

We use Artificial Intelligence to optimise employee knowledge retention.

You cannot expect any employee to act on, or put into practice, what they have been trained on, but failed to learn and retain.

Few would argue that you learn little from a single training session and that repetition is a critical component of learning and retention. However, this essential repetition and embedding of the training content rarely occurs. The reality is that when using traditional means, few organisations can afford the time away from the workplace necessary to guarantee employees learn and retain what they are trained. The consequences resonate throughout the organisation wherever employees touch processes, customers or systems and drive reduced productivity and increased operational and regulatory risk. At Elephants don`t forget we use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of our award-winning app, Clever Nelly, to continually assess the critical workplace knowledge of your individual employees and simultaneously fix each and every gap she discovers.

The AI enables her to quickly establish what an individual employee knows and does not know and then tailor her interventions, both volume and subject, to favour what employees do not know. Nelly uses multiple choice questions based on training material you have delivered to employees in your workforce. These questions can be simplistic, contain pictures and extend to sophisticated psychometric questions and scenario ranking questions. The AI component of Nelly and her ability to treat employees as unique individuals is a critical factor in why she works so well and continues to work after years in situ. For example, an employee who knows very little will receive more questions per day than a subject matter expert would.

Best of all, on average Nelly delivers 3.1 questions per day and takes less than 1 minute 42 seconds of the employee`s day so even the most time poor employee/manager can afford the time to be a workplace knowledge expert.

The key to success and getting value from Nelly is high levels of user engagement. What gets measured gets done and we know that employees that have the highest engagement rates have the highest levels of knowledge and competency and perform best in role.

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