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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Genii Ai

We live in an era of incredible innovations. Technologies are evolving rapidly, and alongside them the standard of exceptional customer service and experience. With SMART environments amplifying the voice of the customer, and customer service being done `At the Speed of Thumbs`, brands are excelling at providing memorable customer experiences through the channels of their consumers.

We, within the CX industry, are continuously striving for better customer engagement, with less effort from the customers end. The key to growing and retaining customers lies within increasing the value of the brand, while reducing the effort to gain that value. To do this effectively, it is essential that companies monitor their customers wants and needs in real time.

Genii is a platform that not only analyses the customer`s needs, but provides an artificially intelligent interface with which to engage and assist them. Genii`s team consists of professionals that are incredibly passionate about customer service and sales, and have built the Genii platform by combining over 200 years of combined operational expertise from their fields of industry.

Our goal at Genii is to provide the ultimate customer service and experience solutions, by providing companies with a platform that increases efficiency, effectivity and customer happiness.

Genii is geared at transforming brands, big or small, into companies that can truly understand, predict and engage their customers through innovative insight.

Our actionable insights are aimed at reducing costs and increasing revenues and keeping your most valuable asset happy - your customer.

Tel: 0829040234

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