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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies transforms customer interactions with augmented contact centre solutions. Britannic is an award-winning specialist in voice communications, system integration and managed services. The provider's solutions and services effectively maximise the contact centre investment of organisations across the UK and internationally. The team help you transform customer experiences with omni-channel communication platforms on one hand, and streamline back-office communication with seamless workplace technology and cloud-hosted infrastructure on the other hand.

In partnership with world-leading manufacturers such as Avaya, Enghouse, Microsoft and Mitel, Britannic tailors communications technology and services to the complex needs of midsize businesses. Its services simplify IT management, encourage fast communication and collaboration amongst back office and frontline teams, and improve customer experience.

Britannic`s portfolio spans VoIP, Customer Service Technology, Unified Communications, Networking and Cloud-based solutions. Integration expertise in voice, messaging, video and software applications complements its services and ensures that customers benefit from a cohesive solution that streamlines day-to-day operations. Strategic advice and complimentary ideas to enhance customer experience are part and parcel of your engagement with Britannic.

Tel: 01483 242526

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