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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Capita is a leading provider of Customer Engagement solutions. We understand that conversations are essential to building relationships with your team, your customers, your community and your stakeholders. And we understand that great conversations are about more than just communication. It is about accessibility, about security and privacy, and about having the tools to listen and understand your audience.

That`s why we deliver technologies and platforms that offer choice and simplicity; mobility solutions that enable access at any time from any location and device; security solutions that guarantee the privacy and security of your data; and analytics solutions that help you listen, understand and act.

Capita is changing the conversation. It`s not about technology. It`s about more choice, better collaboration, smarter use of resources and the potential to save money. Visit us on Stand 2382 and qualify for your free, on-site Contact Centre Audit.

Tel: 0117 311 5757

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