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Collab - All-in-One Next Generation Suite

Collab is a European Multimedia Contact Center (cloud and premises-based) company with a strong heritage of innovation and it has been providing award-winning platforms, fully based on IP architectures, to businesses of all sizes around the world for 10+ years.

"Collab was founded with a clear strategy: disruptive innovation in enterprise grade contact centers, through new architectures and business models. Today, with the advances in cloud computing and
AI, our vision is more alive than ever."
Pedro Quintas, founder & member of the board at Collab

Companies are now challenged to reach customers wherever they are.

New communication channels also translate into increased
customer service expectations and to meet these, businesses
should combine the use of CRM and Communications Platforms.
Extending omnichannel capabilities throughout the company and
empowering all employees with a unified view of the customer will be
the most important step towards an effective digital transformation.

Our products and services

Complete inbound functionality with intelligent routing, advanced outbound dialers, integration of all media channels (voice, video, chat, email and social media) and real-time / historical reporting.


Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), using OneContactCC core engine, hosted in Microsoft Azure public cloud. Our technology made easy, flexible and pay-as-you-go, through an interactive web portal.
Great for flexibility, quick set-up and cost control.

"The supply of cloud services to innovative platforms such as Nubitalk on Microsoft Azure, is a true example on how Microsoft enables companies focused in Digital Transformation"
Victor Freitas, Microsoft BDM Applications

OneContact CC

On-premises, private or hybrid cloud deployment. Great for customized solutions in sophisticated enterprise environments.

OneContact CC is a Next Generation IP-based Multimedia Contact Center solution that offers full Campaign & List management across voice, video, chat, e-mail and social media. Its enterprise grade, standards-based IP architecture addresses the need of flexible environments and it allows the deployment of new contact center business models, hence reducing total cost of ownership when compared to legacy applications.

"With Collab`s technology we are well positioned to continue providing an excellent customer service." Antonio Veiga, Head of Contact Center at Vodafone

Office Phone
A new way to manage your company`s Voice Communications

Office Phone is a VoIP business solution that enables an integrated management of fixed and mobile communications, `on premises` or `cloud`. Its advanced features allow to simplify the process of routing and call reception, adapting effortlessly to each customer
setup. With OneContact Office Phone you don´t need to invest in new equipment, its functional architecture allows to operate side by side with other systems and manage multiple offices, geographically dispersed.

"Our business always enabled the reseller and the end client to be able to self-manage their portfolio of services. We felt that OneContact Office Phone with its self-management tools allowed a `normal person`, not a telephony expert to use it in an easy way. Also the simplicity of the IVR section, managing users, the automatic and remote set up of handset, all of this gave us a product differentiator."
Guy Miller, Director Next Generation Voice Services at TalkTalk Business

OneContact Gamification
Loyalty, motivation, fun

Gamified experience, based in business critical KPIs, to encourage
healthy competition among contact center agents and other departments in the organization.

"With Collab Gamification we have significantly increased motivation, productivity and internal skills, without reducing SLAs. All of this
was achieved in a fun and gaming-like atmosphere"
Vasco Canha, COO, AXA Assistance Portugal

Gamified experience, based in business critical KPIs, to encourage
healthy competition among contact center agents and other
departments in the organization.

OneContact WFO
Workforce management / optimization

Management tools (forecasting, planning and monitoring) with
individual and aggregate reports in real-time. It also includes voice and screen recording (with optional e-Learning) for compliance
and evaluation purposes

AI powered modules
Artificial Intelligence

The power of AI applied to the Contact Center through 3 major
functionalities: Predictive Quality Monitoring (PQM), Predictive Routing (PR) and Self-learning bots (SLB).

Insights are gathered from the CRM, the interaction history and the
analytics engine. Then, we use Machine Learning to suggest:

- Which interactions should be evaluated first (PQM)
- What is the best possible affinity between inbound customers and
agents (PR)
- How to optimize the human + bot interaction (SLB)

What Collab can do for your business
Our promise

Revolutionize Your Customer Engagement
Deliver consistent experiences across all channels and touchpoints
(voice, video, chat, email and social media).

Boost Your Sales
Increase contact rates with outbound dialers and create better
sales opportunities with client history and sales scripts integrated
in the same interface.

Ignite Your Campaigns
Quickly launch new rich-media campaigns and fully integrate them
with your existing CRM or Collab Customer Interaction Hub (CIH).

Simplify Your IT
Refocus on your core business by moving to the cloud, saving time inmaintenance and support tasks.

About us
Why other businesses trust Collab

Turn modern technology into relevant and useful contact center features.

Customers and Offices spread across 4 continents.

Considered a Visionary by Gartner.

In-house platform development

Off-the-shelf integrations with leading business applications.

Optimizing customer journey
Easy integration with messaging apps Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger

Stay in closer contact with your customers, using webchat and social media. With the new omni-channel connectors, contact
center interactions have hit a new benchmark- we proudly announce the full integration with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, with the
same feature set as the native webchat. Advanced capabilities such as Intelligent routing flows with previews and simulations, chatbots
with training and learning. Furthermore, these capabilities are instantly deployed on the cloud, with zero-installation or downtimes.
Upgrade your conversations and deliver next generation customer experiences with Collab Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger connectors, now available in Nubitalk.

Tel: +44 2037 501244

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