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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Difference Corporation

Difference is an independent, multi-channel business communications service provider, a one-source solution for all business communications requirements. The services are packaged to provide best value and are constantly benchmarked against market leading services.

Core to Difference is our unrivalled expertise in business processes. First we get to know your organisation`s goals and only then do we look at what may be the right solution for you, always aligning the organisation`s needs with the best value solutions available.

We combine over 60 years` experience in contact handling technology and consulting. We work with clients in a number of sectors such as the finance, energy, retail and leisure sectors to grow their revenue, improve productivity and optimise engagement. Our clients range from single site organisations to businesses with over 400 operating sites worldwide and include Spark Energy, MotoNovo Finance and The Original Bowling Company.

Difference recognise the importance of transparent and measurable communication between organisations and their customers. We have a long-established practice of deploying key solutions and services in a number of sectors to help organisations deliver a consistent, measurable service in a world where customer imperatives are to engage by any available channel and where scrutiny of the quality of that engagement is instant.

Tel: 03444931100

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