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Dixa is a cloud-based customer service platform for online businesses.

Built in stealth for 2 years and launched in 2017, Dixa represents the new breed of modern, cloud-based customer service software for multichannel communication, intelligent routing of all conversations and full scalability.

- An easy-to-use interface with all channels at your fingertips, including a VoIP solution offering global scalability.
- Contact recognition and automatic lookup of customers (even in your own systems) across all channels.
- Email reinvented; no more time wasted cherrypicking emails in inboxes, Dixa instead routes emails directly to agents just like a call would be.
- A free CRM that logs conversation history and supports tagging and notes.
- Comprehensive analytics on all channels.
- And everything a digital customer service department or contact center would need. Check out for details.

Come meet us at the Call & Contact Center Expo 2018 for a live introduction to the system and a 15 minute setup to match your contact center's needs.

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