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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Improving performance through intelligent messaging employing AI to drive conversations

We are a world class software company delivering automated customer interaction and digital communication for organisations with high volumes of customer contact

With over 25 years` experience in the contact centre industry, we are transforming the way organisations are able to interact with their customers. Helping our clients to automate as many steps in a conversation as possible through class leading work-flow intelligence and now AI for better outcomes and improved efficiency

Our truly omni-channel communication platform will help you to contact your customers, at the right time, with the right message, in the right media - SMS, WEB Chat, in-APP Chat, Messenger, ChatBots, e-mail, IVR, secure document exchange and traditional mail. We will help you to seamlessly progress conversations across these channels for the most productive outcomes and help you achieve your operational goals.

Our Orbit platform is already proving to be an extremely powerful and capable IVR solution, used by our clients to provide their customers with self-service functionality such as checking a balance, changing card details or making a payment and efficiently managing customer ID and Verification. During 2018, everymessage will integrate with various Voice Platforms, including Avaya, utilising the power of Orbit, to provide clients the ability to automatically initiate outbound calls and intelligently route inbound calls. With a WebRTC protocol design, our solutions are designed to optimise existing telephony platforms for an OTT pop-up softphone or CTI to control traditional phones.

Tel: 0344 2641234

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