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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



The 24/7, scalable solution for customer service & knowledge management.

In today's highly connected society, businesses are expected to provide 24/7, immediate answers for their customers. Not finding the right result the first time leads to lower customer satisfaction, fewer sales and higher repetitive tickets for the support team. As a global leader in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, Inbenta aims to improve business' self-service rates.

The core technology, coupled with machine learning, fuels highly accurate search for knowledge bases & e-commerce platforms, chatbots for customer service, ticketing, and knowledge management. Despite the use of unstructured, incorrect, or ambiguous language, Inbenta's solution understands and delivers concise FAQs and products based on the meaning behind the query, not the individual keywords.

The result: improved customer satisfaction, reduced support costs and 90% self-service rates.

Tel: +34 902 646 579

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