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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Delivering powerful face-to-face-like sales to mobile prospects.

Lightico allows you to close even your most elusive customers.

Reps activate a suite of sales-driving, in-call tools like real-time finger-eSigning, media sharing, instant identification collection, document creation, to close mobile customers on the 1st call. Won & Done.

Lightico's Sales Impact Platform lets your reps score `face to face` sales results with your call center reps by
1. Grabbing & holding prospect`s attention
A simple text-base interaction open a rich, real-time digital experience.

2. Closing all sales tasks on the call
Complete all sales associated activities while speaking with customers like sharing media, completing forms, eSigning documents and more

3. Automating repetitive tasks
Free rep time and accelerate agent pipeline through simple automation of repetitive sales tasks.

Ready to accelerate your entire sales team performance?

Tel: +972 544-273473

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