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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



We`ve combined bank standard identity verification with secure instant messaging. Our network offers the convenience of an interface like WhatsApp but where both sides of a conversation can trust the other is who they say they are. You can use the latest technologies to identify customers, and you can share information, images and files effortlessly.

All available with no technical installation effort required.

- Eliminate the 35% of customers who drop out as identity verification is too hard
- Offer a seamless mobile ID&V, KYC & AML experience
- Reduce on-boarding time from days to minutes and cut fraud

- Customers want to message you for service, give them what they want
- Offer full resolution in a single, secure and compliant solution
- Resolve queries up to 6X cheaper than phone

Sales / collections:
- Data driven, personalised insight is key to engagement, gather a wealth of detailed data from messaging interactions
- Show customers you know them & make life easy
- Improve customer loyalty & spend by 80%

Tel: 07904456817

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