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PCI Pal UK Limited

PCI Pal is a supplier of contact centre payment solutions providing a suite of products and services that de-scope an organisation`s contact centre operation from PCI DSS compliance depending on their operational needs. PCI Pal enables organisations to take customer payments securely, processing in particular credit and debit card data and to de risk a business from the threat of data loss and cybercrie.
PCI Pal is the only true global cloud vendor of this type of technology solution and as such are uniquely positioned to work with corporates on a global basis, our cloud based technology will enable our customers to be PCI DSS compliant and comply with data sovereignty rules wherever they operate.
Our broad range of services provide customers with a wide range of solutions to address their individual business needs. Our Agent Assist product enables agents to remain in contact with the caller at all times when a payment is being made using PCI Pal. The customer enters the relevant details from their card via the telephone keypad. With our solution we are able to maintain a speech path throughout the entirety of the call but prevent the DTMF (keypad) tones from entering the contact centre environment, thus de-scoping the contact centre environment from PCI DSS obligations and resulting in our customers completing a PCI SAQ-A.

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