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Make your employees experts faster with ProcedureFlow`s unique knowledge flows.

Efficiency is key to running a call center, which is why most call centers quickly outgrow homegrown methods of organizing knowledge into documents or knowledge base articles. Increasingly, call centers are turning to ProcedureFlow as their next-generation knowledge base with its unparalleled navigability and ease of use - driving down expensive training costs and preventing costly quality missteps. ProcedureFlow has everything you expect in a call center knowledge base including guided problem solving, self-learning, collaboration, content management, secure cloud access and more.

With employees absorbing concepts much faster, training and mentoring is reduced by 50-90%. The social mapping feature also gives employees a voice and makes it easy for them to provide real-time feedback, so your processes are continuously improving.

Bottom line, ProcedureFlow makes happier agents, reduces operational costs and creates consistently great customer experiences for your customers.

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