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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Puzzel is a complete multi-channel cloud-based contact centre solution. Those organisations yet to embrace cloud-based technology in their contact centres are missing out on 7 business reasons to make the change:

1. Flexibility, scalability and business agility
2. Stepping up to omni-channel customer service
3. Integration with other business critical applications for improved processes
4. Control over administration and customisation
5. Great resilience and levels of service - no more engaged tones as callers are held in queues in the cloud and presented to the first available agent wherever they are based
6. Location independence giving the option to recruit from a wider pool of talented people and no-longer being forced to recruit in the local area. Agents and administrators can log-on from any location
7. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Why Puzzel?

Puzzel is a complete solution with flexibility, cost efficiency and multichannel capability. This means that its functionality can be easily combined and interchanged to meet individual business requirements. What`s more with Puzzel you only pay for the functionality and resource used, providing the freedom to explore new service offerings to exceed customer expectations.

Puzzel was there at the start and has a 20+ year history of stable service delivery. Today Puzzel encompasses secure mobile payments and messaging to deliver a flexible and customisable customer interaction platform to meet the needs of today`s omni-channel and mobile environments. Puzzel can be adapted to accommodate from one to several thousand agents using any device, in any location and integrates with multiple business critical applications seamlessly.

To talk about your requirements and how Puzzel can help visit or call +44 333 300 0066

Tel: +44 333 300 0066

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