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Spitch deliver cost effective ASR, VUI & NLP solutions.

The Spitch R&D team has over 50 years combined experience in R&D for Spoken Language Technologies (SLT), including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech Synthesis (TTS), Information Retrieval (IR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Spitch provides partners access to cutting edge tools integrated into our Spitch Lingware Development Portal, a powerful customised environment which can be used to create, develop, and evaluate your own voice-driven applications.

Spitch focuses on back-end server solutions and streamlined, service-oriented architectures. We also offer consulting for front-end integration, as well as development of dedicated UIs for Spitch products.

Spitch offers a mobile application SDK. The mobile SDK can be used to quickly and painlessly develop and deploy new mobile applications utilizing our growing offering of voice-driven services.

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