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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Telekonnectors UK Limited

Telekonnectors are manufacturers of headsets, business phones, patented patch cords, security solutions, and network testing equipment. In addition we also provide our conference bridge technology that we host or setup for our clients.

We are technology partners of Avaya & Cisco and we design and manufacture our own brand of headsets. Our headsets are approved by Avaya and Cisco for use with their systems and we sell them under the Celesta & Galaxy brand names. Our products successfully compete with big manufacturers in the Indian, Indonesian, Filipino, Sri Lankan and North American markets. We are able to compete with them on price, a superior warranty and the serviceability of our headsets. This allows our clients to provide their customers with a high quality product, at a competitive price, with industry leading warranty terms, and the option to service our headsets, in the case of damage due to mishandling, instead of having to replace them.

Our telephones have been designed and built keeping in mind the business and enterprise consumer. We provide a unique phone which requires no external power source and runs with full functionality when only connected to the telephone port in your wall. It has built-in security features to hide personal conference passwords and pins.

We manufacture our patented, specialty, fit & forget patch cords, which are ideal for a business environment where network cables go missing when they are needed the most. Unbreakable & sporting a reverse pivot design, it comes with an unmatched 3 year, no questions asked, warranty.

Our security solutions include, a security bracket for CPU`s, ideal for use in banks, insurance companies and enterprises where data security is crucial. It restricts access to data on the system while preventing unauthorized movement of input and output devices. We also manufacture network testers that allow Cabling companies, Telephony and Internet service providers to detect data, voice, video and fibre optic cables. This allows them to detect faults easily and get to the issue without having to resort to drastic measures.

Tel: +44-7754886619

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