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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Virada Training

How to influence today's customers using words, voice and questions.

Today's have high expectations, greater choice, less time than ever before and decreased attention span. Therefore, your people need to engage, capture attention and build trust in record time, before the customer switches off, makes the wrong decision or takes over.

Our award winning training helps people to engage customers and manage interactions; using advanced communication skills. We explore the power of influential words, words that lose impact and use of proactive phrases. Focused and 'conscious' questioning is revealed, as is the use of balanced body language and six aspects of voice. All this can be applied during face-to-face, phone interactions or even in written communication.

There is an art to managing ongoing interactions and our training helps your people to BE control, yet enabling the customer to FEEL in control.

EVERYTHING counts when selling, providing a service or managing a complaint. Our training is aimed at bringing greater confidence and skill at engaging new customers, managing and retaining them.

Tel: 0845 450 7025

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