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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Webio`s Conversational Middleware seamlessly managing customer conversations across messaging channels and voice interfaces.

Webio is built on 3 Layers

Layer 1 Connectivity and Reach - Connecting you to your customers in channels they use the likes of WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Android RCS or voice first channels such as Alexa or Google Home.

Layer 2 Automation and Skills - Webio`s Automation manages low value conversations whilst working alongside live agents, seamlessly engaging them when and where needed in customer conversations. Add skills to you each customer conversation like taking payments or conducting surveys.

Layer 3 Machine Learning - Webio Propensity X predicts conversation outcomes and routes to next best action or responds with personalised, conversations that deliver great customer experiences and better business outcomes every time

Why Talk to Us
Customers are more demanding than ever. Their engagement expectations have increased exponentially and contact centres need to adapt.

With Webio`s proven track record, conversational interface messaging, AI agents and intelligent engagement platform adapting to this change couldn`t be easier.

Improve agent productivity, reduce costs and deliver better business outcomes and customer experiences.

Tel: 0203 3559718

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