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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Difference Corporation Masterclass

As a leading expert in customer engagement solutions and services, Difference Corporation helps organisations meet the challenge of operating across multiple channels while offering consistently great customer service.

The Challenges Confronting Multi-channel Organisations

In this masterclass Difference will discuss the pros and cons that organisations face of dealing with single, dual and triple through to 10+ channel operations. We consider the impacts on staffing, how to meet the multi-faceted skills required and the challenges that multi-channel poses for team development. We look at what our clients have done in terms of best practice and what they have done innovatively to maintain consistency of service.

The Power of Measurement

Most organisations measure their performance and outcomes in a number of ways, whether to meet business KPIs, audit and demonstrate compliance or to motivate and engage staff. Some teams will be disillusioned by measurement, e.g. a collections team answering 80% of calls may be demotivated by the 20% that they missed. On the other hand, some teams will be demotivated by no measurement being taken or acknowledged. What would be the effect of turning off all visible measurement? Do the benefits of measurement outweigh the negatives? Difference will draw on its own experiences with clients to discuss the pros and cons of visible measurement.

Customer Engagement Masterclass

Difference Corporation is an independent, multi-channel business communications service provider. At its core is the inherent belief that great customer service is optimally achieved through a balance of automation, productivity and engagement. It’s a belief that is borne of long-established practice at Difference. In this masterclass we will hear from Difference about some of the key solutions and services that it has deployed in a number of sectors and the hurdles it has jumped to help organisations deliver a consistent, measurable service in a world where customer imperatives are to engage by any available channel and where scrutiny of that engagement is instant.

Cloud Contact Centres: Burning Issues

Difference Corporation is an independent, multi-channel business communications service provider. Difference delivers added-value solutions and services to help organisations achieve effective automation, productivity and engagement. Difference will be joined by key collaborators in this session to discuss the burning issues in cloud contact centres currently, from how to achieve a single view of customers and to ensure robust analytics and compliance whilst meeting the communication preferences of the organisation’s customers, through to maximising agent efficiency and engagement.

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  • 11:00 - The Performance of Multi-channel Organisations
  • 12:00 - The Power of Measurement
  • 14:00 - Customer Engagement
  • 15:00 - Cloud Contact Centres: Burning Issues
  • 16:00 - The Performance of Multi-channel Organisations


  • 11:00 - Cloud Contact Centres: Burning Issues
  • 12:00 - Customer Engagement
  • 14:00 - The Performance of Multi-channel Organisation
  • 15:00 - The Power of Measurement