Dale Cree

Product Earth Solutions

Dale is the founder of 3EN Cloud Ltd, previously Product Earth Solutions Ltd. With a background in finance and a vocation in IT, Dale still finds the most enjoyable part of owning a growing business, is the excitement of closing a new deal. As the CEO of a boutique business of 20 people, the client base is significant, FitBit, Binatone, Fairtrade International, Core HR, MusclePharm, the list goes on. Having worked for international corporates, and small start-ups, Dale has a unique perspective on what is needed to grow and establish business through partnership and sales.

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Hitting the numbers

It is important that sales people today, at all levels, have the opportunity to manage the numbers, that could be financial targets, or the numbers that come through your sales funnel. Some of us are great at opening doors, some at closing, others at managing relationships. How do we play to our strengths and share best practice?