David Mack

Maximum Network Solutions

Senior Technical Consultant & Director at Maximum, David’s been in telecoms all his working life (that’s quite some time).

Starting as an apprentice at BT, David worked his way up the organisation and around the World. Living for some years in Australia, Japan and the US, working on global networks, and designing and implementing call centre solutions. So he knows his stuff.

For the past 20 + years, David has provided independent technical, technology and business advice to clients including, TNT, XPO, Marriott International, G4S, Ticketmaster, Life Residential and Bourne Leisure.

Heading up the Development Team at Maximum, David loves being challenged to find solutions to problems (of a telecoms, business, financial or DIY nature, he’s not so good with other stuff). So come along, meet David have a chat, question him (about telecoms, cars, tea, tools, where in the World he’s worked) and put his knowledge to the test

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