Debbie Barrow

Virada Training

Debbie Barrow is the Managing Director of Virada Training, a triple award-winning training company. A key speciality is providing innovative training aimed at the challenges of selling today, providing a service and developing the trust of today’s demanding customers.

Before founding Virada Training, Debbie won awards for customer satisfaction when she faced thousands of dissatisfied, angry and delayed passengers during 60 to 90 hour work weeks at overseas airports. She was also for many years, a top sales and service performer, via the phone (outbound and inbound), in-stores and in the field.
She continues to research topics including developing credibility and trust of demanding customers today and; the attributes and mindsets of top sales and service performers.

This enables delegates to benefit from 25 years of knowledge about creating specific mindsets and developing credibility and confidence using body language, six aspects of voice, ‘conscious’ selling and ‘words that work’.

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Words to Influence Difficult Customers

The impact that ‘difficult’ customers can have on business and staff is huge. However, only 1 in 4 staff feels qualified to handle demanding or complaining customers. In this session, you’ll learn words to help manage customers who demand, interrupt, shout, accuse, who is sarcastic or try to take over. These influential words help you to BE in control, yet enable the customer to FEEL in control.