Derry Holt

Stormburst Studios

Derry is the co-founder and CEO of Stormburst Studios, a software developer specialising in gamified enterprise technologies. Having previously worked in the video games industry on the Angry Birds series, Derry is applying his knowledge of effective design and development practices to engage audiences around the world with game-inspired solutions.

With his co-founder, Derry has developed oneUp, a gamified performance management platform that drives engagement, productivity and transparency in target-driven environments. Always brandishing a smile, you can fire any questions related to gamification at him on stand S160.

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Gamification of Sales – The What, Why and How

Seen by some as a buzzword, by others the second coming of Christ – gamification is a concept that is growing in popularity. But what does it actually mean? Why should you care? And perhaps more importantly, how can you make use of it? In this whirlwind tour of the subject, Derry shares all the key information you’ll need to effectively utilise gamification in your sales team as well as what to look out for.