Jim Rees

The Emotional Intelligence Guru

Jim is as an Executive Coach, Ultra Cyclist, Author and parent to 6 children. He has a passionate belief that everyone on the planet is ‘Built for Greatness’. For the past 16 years Jim has worked globally with Leaders and their teams with a particular focus on developing Emotional Intelligence/Mindset. Previously he worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 14 years in sales & sales management, so he knows what it’s like to carry the bag.
Jim is best known for finishing the famous Cycle Race ‘The Race Across America’ 4 times, once as a part of a 4 man team and more recently 3 times as a solo cyclist where he managed to go faster each year. It’s considered to be one of the toughest races on the planet covering just over 3,000 miles of non-stop cycling. His best finish time was 10 days and 20 hours finishing 6th overall having only slept a total of 13.5 hours for the whole race!

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Emotional Intelligence (A Game Changer for Sales Leaders)

We all know that selling is all about building a deep relationship with our clients; people buy people, right? What’s less known is that world class sales leaders exhibit high levels of Emotional Intelligence and have the ability to inspire and engage their people to take massive action. In this punchy 30 minute interactive talk, Jim will share some of the compelling data along with some practical takeaways that you’ll be able to apply immediately to build high performance teams and make more sales.