Jo Keeler


Jo Keeler is a Managing Partner of Belbin. Over the past 15 years she has worked with many organisations world-wide, helping them to understand and utilise the strengths of individuals and teams. She feels passionately about the benefits of teams, and agrees with Dr. Belbin that “simply putting together a number of people and expecting them to work as a team is not enough”.

Jo has spoken at various conferences including; HRoot 2015 China Human Resource Service Expo; Cranfield University KAM Best Practice Club; CIPD Events nationwide; University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Warsaw, Poland and is currently a Visiting Fellow at The Cranfield School of Management where she contributes to the Sales Directors Programme.

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Harnessing the power of Sales TEAMS to Increase Sales Effectiveness

An increase in customer demands, along with an increasingly complex environment, is fuelling the need for selling organisations to look further than the typical transactional sales model. Successful organisations are moving away from a focus on the single individual to a focus on team-based selling. Learn about Sales TEAMs – what they look like and how to utilise them - and start implementing a team strategy to drive sales.