Lyndon Nicholson


Lyndon Nicholson is a marketing professional with a career spanning 3 decades. He has founded, built and successfully exited 2 marketing agency businesses and is now CEO of a 3rd (Buffalo 7) currently experiencing incredibly rapid growth. Along the way he has advised and worked with some of the world’s leading brands and helped developed sales & marketing strategies that have created tens of millions in revenue for clients.

His skills and knowledge covers strategy development, implementation and management across the whole marketing spectrum. His particular interest, and area of expertise is looking at how businesses present their message to prospective clients in the all-important first meeting – where business relationships can be made or broken in the first 15 minutes.

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Blow Away Your Competition At The First Sales Meeting

Lyndon Nicholson, CEO of successful presentation design agency Buffalo 7, looks at how businesses often miss opportunities to blow their competition out of the water in the first sales meeting. Marketing budgets are blown on website redesigns, adverts no one will ever see and even fancy business cards – yet little attention is given to the first face to face interaction with a new prospect. Lyndon will demonstrate best practice alongside real life examples.