Lynn Hunsaker

ClearAction Continuum

Lynn Hunsaker led company-wide customer experience transformation at Applied Materials and Sonoco where her roles included Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager, Marketing Director, and Head of Corporate Quality.
She is on the Board of Directors of ClearAction Continuum, and co-founder of the ClearAction Value Exchange, an experiential capability-builder of essential soft skills for marketing and customer experience teams. She founded the ClearAction Advisory team of seasoned professionals from leading brands who deploy Customer Excellence DNA™ with clients to multiply ROI of investments in customer experience management, propelling companies’ customer experience maturity and leadership.
Lynn was first to benchmark B2B customer experience practices globally. She authored 3 handbooks, taught 5 years at UC Berkeley Extension, and was first to receive CXPA’s Authorized Resource & Training designation. She is a top author on, and named in numerous influencers lists, including Top 30 Customer Service Professionals and Top 25 Customer Success Influencers.

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Your contact centre is a treasure trove of insights that upstream functions – engineering, finance, IT, facilities, etc. – should be weaving into their decision-making and handoffs. The more they’re in-tune with customers’ realities, the more anticipatory they can be in preventing unnecessary strain for all parties. This can set off a high-value cycle that inspires innovations of all kinds and holistic management upstream, freeing customer-facing resources for more proactive advocacy and ROI.