Mark Oppermann


With over 25 years’ experience, Mark has a wealth of experience in delivering transformational customer engagement solutions. His understanding of the key drivers of successful customer engagement strategies and outcomes based performance has helped some of the largest UK and Global businesses to maximise the value of their customer communications. He would be a thought leader and a regular speaker on where the Contact Centre market is going, the challenges brands will have to engage their new breed of clients and on how to meet their customer experience expectations.
Mark is Co-Founder and EVP Sales and Marketing for Webio and responsible for the commercial strategies for Webio.
Prior to Webio, Mark was Sales Director at VoiceSage, customer contact specialists. His background includes sales, marketing and general management at Pitney Bowes and managing director of Netcom which rose to become a market leader in its field over just three years.

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AI, Chatbots & Conversational Messaging is the Future are you Ready?

The challenge for Contact Centres has never been more difficult, all the talk & hype about AI, Chatbots, Machine Learning with all new channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc. We will look at what’s real and what’s just hot air. We’ll look at practical ways this type of technology will add value to your business and what channels will you need to add to your Contact Centre in next 12/24 months.