Mike Babalola

4net Technologies Ltd

Mike Babalola heads up 4net Technologies innovation practice, working closely with their customers to understand what they want to accomplish and helping them to create a solution which meets their unique challenges.

Mike has over 15 years of experience working on large-scale complex integration projects, mainly in the finance and central government sectors with organisations such as Laser, The Samaritans, Vodafone UK and OFCOM (UK).

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Transformation through innovation – Innovative solutions for today’s challenges

4net Technologies helps transform our customers’ businesses, enabling them to be innovative in the way they work with their customers. Furthermore, the way we deliver our solutions through the innovative use of cloud services has meant that we have changed the way that both our Government and Enterprise customers can procure and deliver their communications. Our presentation will show how we have helped organisations deliver digital transformation through our award winning technology and service innovations so that you can adopt this in your own business.