Mateusz Ossowski


Sales manager, lecturer and publicist. He works in tech industry since 2012 and is responsible for marketing and sales strategies with using latest technologies. Since 2014 he works for with SaaS companies. He has implemented multichannel strategies in companies like: Proama, Kontigo, EY, BMW, Porsche, Netsprint, Cursor (OEX), Xevin Consulting, Gaspol, Shell, Eholiday, GroupeSEB, Oktawave, Telepizza, BNI, Aasa Poland, Birdcore, Michelson, Budapester, Union Investment. He also coworked with top digital agencies like: K2, VML, GroupM, Mec, Value Media, Cube Group, Promo Agency, Meetrics. Mateusz graduated University of Warsaw and now he is making masters degree in Cyber Security on Collegium Civitas. He has been a lecturer in Warsaw School of Commercial, University of Warsaw, University of Gdańsk and visited as a speaker the most important industry events. Certified in Marketing Automation, Corporate Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics.

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