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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Turn Customer Service Into a Team Sport

Great service isn`t just the responsibility of the customer service department. Connect customer service with other departments to identify and resolve issues faster, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction using Customer Service Management.

If you are tasked with improving customer experience, whilst reducing contact volumes then you need the help of all parts of your organisation. Talk to ServiceNow to look at how to involve everyone from front line agents to legal, finance, field service and product. We`ll show how to make customer service management more:

• Effortless - Automate customer requests and automatically assign cases based on skills, location, or pre-defined criteria to free up more time for your support team
• Connected - Assign issues to other departments, maintain status visibility and hold other teams accountable for their analysis, diagnosis, and resolution
• Proactive - Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to pinpoint and prevent issues before customers call. Identify trends, send preemptive customer communications, and align contracts with customer product or service performance

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